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September 11, 2017
2017-09-11 Did You Know? (14)
September 11, 2017
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2017-09-11 Did You Know? (13)

In fashion apparel, physical stores experience a return rate of about 3%, compared with about 25% for online sales, and an even higher percentage in the case of highly fashionable or fit-critical items.



20% of Gen-Zers already have two or more retail store cards.

Amazon is already selling some prepared ‘Amazon Meal Kits’. Read the full article here http://zurl.co/qovdq.


Oracle delivers bevy of updates to its cloud suite. Read the full article here http://bit.ly/2wpz6pJ.


You can now use PayPal through Skype’s mobile app. Read the full article here http://zurl.co/VBmqz.


Why people can’t stop talking about Zuckerberg 2020. Read the full article here http://zurl.co/eoV6v.

Scientists fear Trump will dismiss blunt climate report. Read the full article at http://bit.ly/2vLOtg4.

Microsoft’s recent sales team shake up was the ‘most significant’ in the company’s 42 year history. Read the full article here  https://zurl.co/nD9E7.

Online retail will vault to $591 billion by 2020.

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